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Image by AP x 90
Image by Elle Cartier

All Natural & Absolutely wonderful

"After reading the ingredients and enjoying the information written on your package, I decided to purchase a bar. What a delightful surprise. I have faithfully used your soap ever since. It is absolutely wonderful." 

- Terri Trigger


"My twelve year old son has suffered from extremely dry skin all his life. We have taken him to several dermatologists who prescribed

various prescription creams to remedy the problem. None of these products through the years provided relief for him. We have experimented with various soap products through the years as well also with little success. I gave Nick your soap and told him to only use this soap for awhile. He had tried so many products in the past that he was somewhat skeptical that anything would help. He did use it, and within a couple of weeks his rash disappeared. We have finally found a product that actually helps keep his skin moisturized."

- Grace Becker, Kansas City, MO

For Every age

"I love your soaps! I took a bar to my 90 year old mother who is in a nursing home and washed her face with it. Her skin was so smooth and so soft! I hope you stay in business for 100 years!"

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