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Natural Soap Co.

Providing community soaps made from all natural ingredients for over 20 years.

Naturally Simple

We believe that there is a human need to return to nature, to feed the body with the goodness of the earth.  Aroma-therapeutic scents of pure essential oils, herbs, flowers, and organic botanicals, both domestic and from around the world, remind us of the days of home medicinal remedies and love potions for health. Natural Soap Company realizes the richness of the earth, and use the most excellent properties to produce soap products for healthy glowing skin.

Backed by three generations of soap making and a life-time of studying and growing herbs and flowers, which are included in our soaps, we know your skin will thank you! 


We use only the finest European olive oils and aromatherapy oils from around the world. These oils are blended with the best vegetable, aloe, glycerin, and Vitamin E oils to create a superior product to any soap you will ever use.  And our botanicals give our soap an extra dose of good health.  


There are absolutely no formulated man-made synthetics used in our soaps, unlike other soap products on the market claiming to be natural. Our soaps are made only with all natural products that are gentle enough for use on babies or those with sensitive skin. 


After using our soap everyday you will notice the difference between Natural Soap Company's products, as our products are made from the ingredients found only in God's garden.  

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